Friday, 30 April 2010

The end is neigh

As the end of second year has dawned on us i feel like i have accomplished something. Don't know what it is though.

A better understanding of games?

Playing more games?

Or even the fact after a difficult year i have still managed to keep to deadlines?

But one thing i have learnt this year, is not in education, but in myself. If anything, the one thing that i have accomplished is despite having Dyslexia and Semantic pragmatic, and the sudden passing of my dad, i have proved that i am a strong person and that even others in my position can achieve achievement too.

So I'm looking at second year as an experience and continue to live strong and tackle lifes challenges.

I would like to thank my friends for being there for me, the help and support. Without them and the the rest of my classmates (lol) i wouldn't be as sane as i am now.

And thanks to the tutors for being understanding of my situation and the advice and guidance they have given me throughout the year.

Peace out.

Friday, 19 March 2010

It's in the game!

Lately i have been having great urges to brave the gaming world and take it on.

I'm not much of a gaming person but after playing Tekken 6 around a friends house i started to get interested. So i went out to the outdoor market and looked through their games and picked up a copy of 'Soul Calibur III' and 'Devil may cry'. And what an experience! Kicking guys asses in the comfort of my bedroom, and shooting bloody puppets has never felt so good and I'm enjoying it!

Then the other day i was looking through the games again whilst looking at the wii games because i wanted to do something nice for my sister (don't know why, it was another urge) so i ended up buying 'Nights'. Also through out the PS2 games, i found Jak and Daxter and Kingdom Hearts II. I know what your thinking and i don't care, I'm expanding my horizons and having an experience. Bottom line is, is that I'm buying games and its making me happy. They are helping me understand the course a lot more.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Cometh the Repo man!

Oops wrong one. But he is truly frightening. You don't want to have your organs repossessed by this guy...

This is the Repo man I'm talking about :D Y SO SRS?

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Movie review V

Gee whizz it's been a good 2 months or so since i last did a review. This should be interesting.

'Enemy at the gates'
Another war movie but interesting. There was a lot of suspense and action and there were ideas to be made from it in the game sense. I had to lol at the fact the dvd kept dying and we went to the labs to finish it but everyone decided to go on call of duty and have our own 'enemy at the gates' battle.

Set under water for a change and really good. Hurray for insanity. It was almost like playing Phoenix wright and guessing who did it. As the movie went on there was suspense as a lot of things were happening and when you think you figured out who did it, they were dead. It was good to watch.

'The jacket'
This was one of those 'WTF' movies. It was full of strangeness, hallucinations and even time travel. It felt depressing and a little weird to follow.

'12 monkeys'
There seems to be a theme going on here... I think mike is trying to tell us this is where were heading if we don't leave now. Again interesting, and i found it a little awkward to follow.

Now this is more like it. A good movie and no giant lizard in sight. We watched the directors cut version and i thought it was good. The lass was a peach and really made the movie more entertaining.

'Monty python and the holy grail'
...What? Of all the movies shown, this one was the most queer. The only other Monty python movie I've seen and it seemed to have gone on for ages. But i have to admit that it was good on some parts. The ending was a massive downer.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Lol. I'm happy with my group. I'm with awesome people (not saying everyone else isn't).

I was so stoked a week ago but now I'm not too sure. It's mainly for the theme: 'Resident evil'. I haven't played the game and i don't like them kind of games. So I'm stumped. But it's not going to stop me from trying.

The queens building was a brilliant idea considering the 3rd years said they get kicked out of everywhere in town. I like the layout of the queens and after yesterday when we got to the 3rd floor it gave me a better perspective of the building and what we found gave me ideas.

So while I'm panicking over the project i think it'll be a great experience for me to work with people i ACTUALLY know and can easily get along with.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Something different

Ok i am going to pull out of the negatives this time and tell you my evil plan.

I am planning on writing a fantasy novel. There is no final storyline yet because i keep changing it and adding to make it work. My aim is to make something out of this world with new and improved cliques. I'm tired of listening, reading and watching the same old thing it is becoming predictable. Theres a limit to what can be done, you can come up with amazing characters and ideas but at the end of the day it will fall into the same categories.

My story is based in another dimension. There's two sides to this world, light and dark. a groups of mixed youths and adults go on a hunt to find the villain who destroyed cities looking for something. The group soon find themselves on the run and in a race to find the thing the villain is looking for before it does. It's a journey through out the worlds in a race against time to save lives.

Thats a jist of it but it still needs work. So watch this space...

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

In other news: More Avatar...

Everyone has been saying how awesome the movie was and i began to hate it without seeing it. You should know by now that i am a tough movie critic and now I'm shredding movies apart pointing out how good the CGI is and if humans can do the same stuff as the CGI characters, which is no.

I finally go and see it in 3D cos there were no 2D screenings. Not only was i sat 3 rows from the screen but i began to get bored of the movie. Don't get me wrong it was good, the CGI was good but it wasn't quite there. I don't like long movies because i start fidgeting and wish i was else where, no matter how much i want to watch the movie.

So I've seen it so wheres the problem?

The answer is in the news.

Most watched movie. Most expensive movie. Best CGI. ECT...

Shut up! I don't care. It wasn't that amazing. And to be fair i might never want to watch it again. And stop boasting about it on the Internet! No one wants to know how to make themselves look like a Navi.

Also i was told that theres a forum on Avatar and people are saying they want to commit suicide so they can go to Pandora. What?

Oh well till the next rant on the next 'big' thing.