Friday, 23 October 2009

Of art and creation

Since Mikes lecture on creativity and art, it made me wonder what makes art. Is it the old masters, portraits, landscapes or randomness in contemporary art? There is no right or wrong answer as i have learnt over the years since GCSE fine art. Art can be anything because everything is a thing of beauty to someone.

Personally i love the old masters. Theres nothing i like more than to be jealous of their work with beautiful painted figures, amazing quick brush strokes, awsome blending and intricate detail. That is something i would love to do but even i have limits, even the limits won't stop me from trying. I also believe that anyone can accomplish this if they tried. Heck way back when in China, painters would get kids who had little or no experience to paint the oriental designs we see today.

What we don't realise is that we improve more everyday. Your a better person than you were yesterday. Like on the advert (forget which one) it said 'do something everyday that scares you.' So my advice (as well as the industries) 'Draw something everyday'. Carry a sketch book with you so you can sketch something good you can see or if you have a good idea. And keep a camera handy you may never know where the next best thing is going to come from. I have said my piece so now i will leave you now and create magic wonders on a piece of paper.