Monday, 23 February 2009

19. Life Changing or Career Building?

In order to be good at something you have to have a passion for it. Whether it be journalism, art, literature or even drama. If you have that passion you will rise above the rest.

In game art people do amazing things. When you pick up a modern game you can see how effective the art is and imagine the time and effort that went into making that one game that you spend 3 days completing. You begin to appreciate the artwork, modelling and the intelligence behind the challenges and gameplay. Because this is what it takes to be a game artist.

Nowadays you need these qualities to have a chance at the gaming world. Dedication and hard work will make you stand out more and increase your chances of employment. But before you can think about that you need to be educated and trained into the environment. Many of the game industry workers have been trained in traditional illustration, compute programming or design courses, skills needed in the industry.

In order to know what to look out for, visit the companies websites and have a look at their skill requirements. Then compare with the university syllabus, it could be worth looking into. But having the right qualifications doesn't mean you got the job, a potential employer will be looking for the skills.

Basically if you do the research then you know what you want out of life. Time and dedication are the key to success and the right skills will give you the winning chance of landing a job.

Monday, 16 February 2009

The movie reviews II

It has been a while since i have discussed about the movies. Out of the four below i haven't been to see two of them. One i have seen many, many times before and the other i didn't want to risk being ill over everything and everyone. But once i have time i will watch it.

'War of the worlds'. Seen it many, many times. Although i am not a big fan of it, it is a good movie when i really think about it. The designs behind the tripods and the whole atmosphere if it is well rewarding.

'United 94' (me thinks). The one i hadn't seen. But i was told it was depressing.

'Collateral'. Really not my kind of movie. I didn't like it, it was boring, but the shoot outs were alright i have give them credit for that. The best part of the film was when Pitt threw an office chair through the window, jumped through and tripped over it. How stupid can you be.

'L.A. Confidential'. I like detective stuffs, but this was boring in some places. I don't like romance in movies except for horror movies because i know they'll die at some point. But other than that, some parts were verrrrrry interesting. Like the Nite owl killing, i likes how the people were dragged into the mens room and slaughtered. Jeez i sound like a psychopath.... But it beats romance any day.

The end.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

18. Sound for games.

Sound designers can provide incredibly detailed sound, so real it's like your in the characters shoes in the game. Not only the characters and background music come into play but also other everyday sounds like footsteps, wind and even echoes all make the experience that little more realistic. Doing something like closing your eyes and listening to the sounds in the game creates visions of what is happening in the game.

When the budget has to cut back, the audio is the first to go. The audio in games scale down a bit because of their large files. This is also due to their high quality. And just like all areas of the gaming industry, you need a music license.

For me i find it hard to pay attention to most music in games. They are some memorable ones, one of which is in Final fantasy VII at the end of a battle and also the 'Steel samurai' theme in Phoenix Wright. I will listen to the music when i am progressing through the game but when leveling up i do listen to my own music on iTunes. This is because the game music will annoy me to hell.

One of the best places to find in game music is at BeeMp3, Bearshare/limewire and there was Galbadia hotel but its unavailable. Also my friend gave me all sorts of websites but they are somewhere in my bedroom back at Middlesbrough.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

17. Game engines

The definition of a game engine is that its a programme code which controls the structure and mechanics of the game. Without it then theres no game.

Game engines can be reused again for sources of inspiration. An existing game engine can empower your own ideas and can be a great starting point. Not every game needs to be started from scratch, it can be developed by an already existing game engine. It's an unseen code that drives the visual action on screen. Obviously they are rules to different games how their characters behave. So using an existing game engine you can then replace the visual aspects and model data to create the new one which is different. Reusing existing game engines is also very financial, meaning companies save money rather than splashing out on a whole new game engine.

Creating a game engine from scratch takes a long time and very problematic for programmers to remove bugs in the code, and mentioned before, very pricey. It may seem simple but no matter how you look at it everything comes at a price. When using an existing game engine you have to pay for a license and the company your using the game engine from.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

16. Gaming cultures.

As far as games go, there's a hell of a lot that i don't like. And it's mainly Final fantasy, Gears of war, Halo and other shoot 'em ups and strategy games. I am apart of one gaming culture and i can probably say it's the only one I'm interested in, and that's 'Phoenix Wright/ Apollo Justice' and other detective games even though they maybe long winded like 'Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles' and 'Hotel Dusk: Room 215' .

It's mainly Phoenix Wright that i like playing because i have all the games so far and i am now eagerly awaiting for the next installments. One being about Phoenix's Childhood friend and enemy in the courtroom, Miles Edgeworth who is having a game to himself, 'Gakuten Kenji'. Not much of a title since it's still being produced in Japan and will come out in Europe in May. Then theres the next installment of Apollo Justice coming out later on afterwards.

Since these series only take about a few days to a week to complete, playing when and where i can it will pretty much take up all my free time that i don't even want to eat or sleep. Especially with the Phoenix wright games, they take me about a week to complete 4-5 cases depending on the game. And i ain't the brightest bulb in the box so i do have a hell of a lot of problems figuring out which evidence goes where and get penalized in the process for thinking of possibilities. But it is fun to shout out 'Objection', 'Take that' and 'Hold it' into the mic.

For more about Phoenix Wright and the other games in the series look at: Court-records. Best place to find info on anything as well as a load of other stuff you cant find anywhere else.

They are people who i do know through MSN but there mainly people who i have been friends with in secondary school, college and uni. But i really don't like talking on MSN unless it's important or i can't reach them during the day.