Sunday, 1 February 2009

16. Gaming cultures.

As far as games go, there's a hell of a lot that i don't like. And it's mainly Final fantasy, Gears of war, Halo and other shoot 'em ups and strategy games. I am apart of one gaming culture and i can probably say it's the only one I'm interested in, and that's 'Phoenix Wright/ Apollo Justice' and other detective games even though they maybe long winded like 'Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles' and 'Hotel Dusk: Room 215' .

It's mainly Phoenix Wright that i like playing because i have all the games so far and i am now eagerly awaiting for the next installments. One being about Phoenix's Childhood friend and enemy in the courtroom, Miles Edgeworth who is having a game to himself, 'Gakuten Kenji'. Not much of a title since it's still being produced in Japan and will come out in Europe in May. Then theres the next installment of Apollo Justice coming out later on afterwards.

Since these series only take about a few days to a week to complete, playing when and where i can it will pretty much take up all my free time that i don't even want to eat or sleep. Especially with the Phoenix wright games, they take me about a week to complete 4-5 cases depending on the game. And i ain't the brightest bulb in the box so i do have a hell of a lot of problems figuring out which evidence goes where and get penalized in the process for thinking of possibilities. But it is fun to shout out 'Objection', 'Take that' and 'Hold it' into the mic.

For more about Phoenix Wright and the other games in the series look at: Court-records. Best place to find info on anything as well as a load of other stuff you cant find anywhere else.

They are people who i do know through MSN but there mainly people who i have been friends with in secondary school, college and uni. But i really don't like talking on MSN unless it's important or i can't reach them during the day.

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