Thursday, 11 June 2009

I read a big peoples book!

*sobs* Why...WHY?

Okay tantrum over. The other day i decided to hunt down 'Mortal engines'. 3 times i forgot the guys last name. But either way i bought the book. Last book i bought was Harry Potter 7, and i was there for the grand unveiling which was a nightmare and the book was crap. 1 day and 2 hours it took me to read it. But enough of that. But i am not a huge fan of reading, i hate reading unless the book i'm reading is a manga, me lykes pictures :D

To my surprise i wanted to read 'Mortal engines'. So curled up in bed and read the first page... God help me did i like it! One more chapter and i'm going to bed... Oh just one more it's only 3 pages. I had to force myself to go to bed at 1 in the morning. Next day i blitzed through it.

One of the BEST books i have ever read!

So much action. So many twist in the plots. It was such a page turner. And i am raring to create these amazing images that have been brewing in my mind.

For someone who hates reading i would recommend this book to anyone!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

A wroking update.

Jeez it feels forever since i last posted on here.

But i do have an excuse for 3 weeks of it. I had tonsillitis. It got that bad on the second week i dragged myself to the hospital. And during one of the worse days when i couldn't keep anything down so i starved for 2 days, i was told i had Glandular fever as well. So now i have to be wary of what i eat.

I can admit i haven't done any 3D work since Easter. Reason being my dad died the day before i went back home so i was having a great amount of difficulty taking it in. Then a few weeks after his funeral i now know he's gone and now i get very emotional. But i have done a bit of work. I have modelled something interesting from a dream i had. Just need to finish it off and texture. Anyone have tutorials on alpha channels? Because i need to know how to do alpha channels for a fence which is going to be a pain in the ass to hand draw... Still have to finish of a character and there's another project I'd like to do as well. On that note i have taken advice and i am hopefully improving on my anatomy, still needs a bit more work, but it's still early days.

Not long after Easter i had a dyslexia assessment and was told i have dyslexia and semantic pragmatic. Which explain why i found it very difficult in my second primary school, secondary school, college, and now in uni. I still fine it hard but i am going to get the help and I'm going to retrain over the summer so come second year Heather would be wondering if i ate the tutorials. The semantic pragmatic is to do with speech, so if i hadn't made any sense, that's why. It's hard fr me to make sense of words and to explain things, so the blogs are really hard for me to do because i don't understand what the question is asking and what i need to put in. If i knew i had a problem i would of confronted the tutors more. I just assumed it was because I'm lazy, but I'm lazy because I'm afraid of asking for help because i know i wont understand.

So i hope everyone had a great Easter and i hope you have a great summer, i know i will.