Friday, 19 March 2010

It's in the game!

Lately i have been having great urges to brave the gaming world and take it on.

I'm not much of a gaming person but after playing Tekken 6 around a friends house i started to get interested. So i went out to the outdoor market and looked through their games and picked up a copy of 'Soul Calibur III' and 'Devil may cry'. And what an experience! Kicking guys asses in the comfort of my bedroom, and shooting bloody puppets has never felt so good and I'm enjoying it!

Then the other day i was looking through the games again whilst looking at the wii games because i wanted to do something nice for my sister (don't know why, it was another urge) so i ended up buying 'Nights'. Also through out the PS2 games, i found Jak and Daxter and Kingdom Hearts II. I know what your thinking and i don't care, I'm expanding my horizons and having an experience. Bottom line is, is that I'm buying games and its making me happy. They are helping me understand the course a lot more.