Saturday, 24 January 2009

Best music video ever!

This is A-Ha: Take on me.

I just love the animation and the way how the story unfolds in the comic book itself. I love the video, the drawings are nicely done and well i just like it, so to me this is the best music video ever.

Find it here: A-Ha: take on me.

It did jump twice but i think it's my laptop because it's always happening.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

15. An introduction to the Game Industry

The gaming industry has had a bit of a rollercoaster ride. In the 80's the industry crashed because of the production of too many badly made games, this was partially Nintendo. Nowadays the industry is doing okay. Companies, especially EA are taking in smaller companies to be one big company. Because of the economic downfall and many people are made redundant, smaller companies are merging with bigger companies and only recruiting people they need to do a project and made redundant afterwards because there not needed anymore.

Games are becoming more popular especially with Xbox360 and the Nintendo wii, but there is also a downfall. Piracy. Public enemy number one to the gaming industry. One of the new products on the market now is the new Nintendo DS 'M3DS real'. What it does is that you purchase a memory card to go into the back of the game card and download DS games off the Internet. Good news for us, mega bad to the gaming industry because there loosing money for every unsold game. It pushes the costs up to buy a game in the shop to replace the millions the company has put into making the game in the first place. BUT, there is a little hope for the Xbox360 games. Because with the Xbox live, Microsoft is able to scan for any chips that has been put in the Xbox and ban that person from ever purchasing or playing the Xbox again.

[Note: All the above was information from a lovely man from Gamestation. He also gave me 2 websites where he got all the info from: Gamestm and Edge.]

Thursday, 15 January 2009

The movie reviews.

Alas movie reviews! Now that we have watched a fair amount of movies i think it's about time i put my views across about them.

First 'The night of the hunter'. Brilliant movie in it's own way. Really not one of the best but it still has it's charm, and quirky storyline. I think it did really well, got a few laughs and the lighting techniques were really good.

'Carnival of souls'. Not as interesting. A bit of it was a little confusing but it was okay i guess. Funny part was right at the end when the car is pulled out and the lass in the middle moves her eyes. Never knew the dead were still active even after death.

'Dark city'. Defiantly worth a watch. Set in an alternative universe it was brilliant from start to finish. The lighting was brilliant, storyline was good and a few weird stuff happens.

'The city of lost children'. Completely french without a single beautiful person in sight which makes this movie more interesting. Storyline was good, a lot was going on with the background and lighting. Another brilliant movie.

'Brazil'. Now what was going on with this? It was so confusing in places and i found it difficult to follow because so much was going on. It was like Topsy turvy town. Didn't enjoy it much.

'Children of men'. Wanted to watch this for some time. Nice to see crazy people again. Storyline was again unusual, a world without children is like tele without the vision, its just a box. Turn out okay i guess. Staged really well.

'Donnie darko'. Finally i got to watch the infamous Donnie darko. An even stranger storyline but it was done really well. I loved the way how the movie was shot in actual sunlight and darkness than the green screen garb. The movie became more radiant and life like as though it had soul. Another brilliant movie.

'The mist'. Finey something i actually enjoyed! The storyline was strange and there was this abnormality to it especially when it's reveled that scientists blew a hole in the time space continuum or whatever. Other than that it was brill. Mind you one thing that i still can't get over is the fact the OTT crazy preacher woman... saved everyones lives... But still the way how she overreacted, i am glad she was shot.

Well that's it for now. Tune in next time when i go into detail of why i should care about jack-squat.

Can't wait to watch the next line up of movies!!!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

12. Creativity.

Jeez, this must of taken ages to cut out. Look at the other great food works.

Creativity is something that each and everyone of us have. It's the way we use it to create ideas and concepts to make something new. This comes about in many different ways from an idea popping into your head to being inspired by others work. Even though they are no set boundries for creativity, the world is your blank canvas and you can do what you like.

When it comes to creativity, what is it meant to look like? It can look like anything. You just need to get inspiration and passion. All aspects of playing a game is due to creativity. Characters, scenery and the minute detail that no one notices.

To me i think it is important to have creativity in a game because then it makes game play more interesting. If a game hasn't got much going on, no good character designs, and interesting scenery then it'll be boring. The more creative the better.

Games in genral i find that Koei make great characters. I love everything about the game but leveling up, pain in the ass to fight, pain in the ass to jump into dungeons that you can't get out of without paying or completing the many levels.

As an artist in my spare time i do look for things that inspire me. I would love to be even more creative and even more patiant. In the gaming industry i would want to explore different ways of creating, so basically concept art. But for this moment in time i would like to learn more of the basics of 3Ds max and Photoshop CS2, as well as exploring my ability to create the next best thing.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

The little red book of nightmares

I have a little red book that i use to write my dreams in, which i think are going to make a good story.

Now i'm not that great at writing stories but some of these ideas are really awsome. And i would LOVE to write a book about my dreams as short stories. A hell of a lot of planning needs to go into it and tidying up as well as making sense.

So [watch this space]

11. The elements of Game Design - Gameplay

Game play is the involvement within the game. Basically it's how you go about playing the game with the character you got. They are different types of ways of going about game play like: Strategy, turn-based, simulation and MMORPG are pretty much the main ones.
Strategy is based on the outcome of the players decision. The character is control ed and therefore the player itself.
Turn-based is when you and the enemy take it in turns to attack.
Simulation is a real life situation. A lot of simulation games come from board games such as Monopoly and Risk. It's a combination of strategy and luck.
MMORPG is a lot like strategy except for one tinsy detail: you can play against other people from all over the world which makes games such as: (Sorry Mike) World of warcraft, Runescape and one-person shooters like Gears of war and Halo popular.

Game play is important in itself because that's the whole point of playing a game. Without game play then there's no point. In a way game play is like telling a story, even though there's a set story for the character and you have to do certain things in order to proceed there's always the players story to tell because their the ones making it happen based on their own decisions.