Thursday, 15 January 2009

The movie reviews.

Alas movie reviews! Now that we have watched a fair amount of movies i think it's about time i put my views across about them.

First 'The night of the hunter'. Brilliant movie in it's own way. Really not one of the best but it still has it's charm, and quirky storyline. I think it did really well, got a few laughs and the lighting techniques were really good.

'Carnival of souls'. Not as interesting. A bit of it was a little confusing but it was okay i guess. Funny part was right at the end when the car is pulled out and the lass in the middle moves her eyes. Never knew the dead were still active even after death.

'Dark city'. Defiantly worth a watch. Set in an alternative universe it was brilliant from start to finish. The lighting was brilliant, storyline was good and a few weird stuff happens.

'The city of lost children'. Completely french without a single beautiful person in sight which makes this movie more interesting. Storyline was good, a lot was going on with the background and lighting. Another brilliant movie.

'Brazil'. Now what was going on with this? It was so confusing in places and i found it difficult to follow because so much was going on. It was like Topsy turvy town. Didn't enjoy it much.

'Children of men'. Wanted to watch this for some time. Nice to see crazy people again. Storyline was again unusual, a world without children is like tele without the vision, its just a box. Turn out okay i guess. Staged really well.

'Donnie darko'. Finally i got to watch the infamous Donnie darko. An even stranger storyline but it was done really well. I loved the way how the movie was shot in actual sunlight and darkness than the green screen garb. The movie became more radiant and life like as though it had soul. Another brilliant movie.

'The mist'. Finey something i actually enjoyed! The storyline was strange and there was this abnormality to it especially when it's reveled that scientists blew a hole in the time space continuum or whatever. Other than that it was brill. Mind you one thing that i still can't get over is the fact the OTT crazy preacher woman... saved everyones lives... But still the way how she overreacted, i am glad she was shot.

Well that's it for now. Tune in next time when i go into detail of why i should care about jack-squat.

Can't wait to watch the next line up of movies!!!

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