Tuesday, 13 January 2009

12. Creativity.

Jeez, this must of taken ages to cut out. Look at the other great food works.

Creativity is something that each and everyone of us have. It's the way we use it to create ideas and concepts to make something new. This comes about in many different ways from an idea popping into your head to being inspired by others work. Even though they are no set boundries for creativity, the world is your blank canvas and you can do what you like.

When it comes to creativity, what is it meant to look like? It can look like anything. You just need to get inspiration and passion. All aspects of playing a game is due to creativity. Characters, scenery and the minute detail that no one notices.

To me i think it is important to have creativity in a game because then it makes game play more interesting. If a game hasn't got much going on, no good character designs, and interesting scenery then it'll be boring. The more creative the better.

Games in genral i find that Koei make great characters. I love everything about the game but leveling up, pain in the ass to fight, pain in the ass to jump into dungeons that you can't get out of without paying or completing the many levels.

As an artist in my spare time i do look for things that inspire me. I would love to be even more creative and even more patiant. In the gaming industry i would want to explore different ways of creating, so basically concept art. But for this moment in time i would like to learn more of the basics of 3Ds max and Photoshop CS2, as well as exploring my ability to create the next best thing.

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