Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Remeber how to 'Reboot'?

Oh hell yes, Reboot is back baby!

I have just finished downloading the series including a special of how it was created :D

If you don't know what reboot is i don't blame you. It's the first CGI animated series created (followed by Toy-story being the first CGI animated movie).
The story takes place inside a computer system that its inhabitants call 'Mainframe'. It's Good vs Evil as the main character, Bob, fights a virus called 'Megabyte', from taking over Mainframe.

During the series a warning of an 'Incoming game' where the user (person operating the computer ie you) is loading a game. Bob tries to bet to the game to defeat the user in order to save Mainframe as where-ever the game is played in Mainframe and the user wins, that part of Mainframe is destroyed (yet the computer still works).

It is better to watch rather than have me attempt to explain it.

After watching a few episodes i have finally convinced myself it is made in max/maya. And you can tell.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Hey, itsa Mario! And whatsa that douchebag dooina here?

Title is in my worst italian accent eva!

Last night i was around my boyfriends. He had a few friends round who brought a dvd round. Knowing the movies they watched were bogus and boring i decided to give it a go.

The movie was called: 'King of kong: A fistful of quarters'.

Strange but it shows how competitive a little game can be. Set out as a documentary, it follows a young man called Steve Wiebe who has a strong ambition to beat the top score on a Donkey kong jr arcade game. During the movie the biggest douchebag of a sore loser pops us with a sour look on his face if your not talking about him and him alone.

It was an experience watching it, and i urge you to do the same as well even if you haven't seen it. Just be aware that you will be in a debate at the end of it like we did last night.

The features are good as well, especially the 'Really, really short history of Donkey kong' it is literally short.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Movies and games will never be the same again.

A lot of students are going to be now saying: 'Since taking game art i now appreciate and understand how much goes into special effects in movies and games'.

Well along them lines anyway.

Before coming to uni i only knew so little of what went into the special effects in movies and even how the movie was made. Dvds i had with special features? Never touched them. I refused to see how the movie was made and how they did the special effects because it would spoil this special feeling i had towards the movie. Since we watched the special features in Black hawk down last year, i find myself more intrigued to go through my entire dvd collection and watch the ones with special features. Now i know how the special effects are done, i can't watch a movie without yelling at the tv 'as if i have to be that good', 'that is insane', 'that's gotta take forever to do' and 'check out the textures'.

One movie was interesting because you would see most of the special effects since they hadn't been filled in yet. Unfortunately it was a pirate copy but it just showed you how much special effects went in a movie.

Games are completely different. Although i was and still am scared of playing them i now see them in a completely new light. EVERYTHING is pain-staking made. Learning from first hand i found how the characters, environment and odd objects are made. But there is more to it that making and colouring, theres lighting, cameras, rigging, animation, the list is endless. With every game i have played recently i have been looking at repeated textures, which are high and low poly characters and environments.

Some of that may of made sense but to summarise:

I have been looking at movies and games in more depth of how it's made, looking at special features on dvd's, and i don't play games anymore because I'm more interested in repeated textures.