Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Remeber how to 'Reboot'?

Oh hell yes, Reboot is back baby!

I have just finished downloading the series including a special of how it was created :D

If you don't know what reboot is i don't blame you. It's the first CGI animated series created (followed by Toy-story being the first CGI animated movie).
The story takes place inside a computer system that its inhabitants call 'Mainframe'. It's Good vs Evil as the main character, Bob, fights a virus called 'Megabyte', from taking over Mainframe.

During the series a warning of an 'Incoming game' where the user (person operating the computer ie you) is loading a game. Bob tries to bet to the game to defeat the user in order to save Mainframe as where-ever the game is played in Mainframe and the user wins, that part of Mainframe is destroyed (yet the computer still works).

It is better to watch rather than have me attempt to explain it.

After watching a few episodes i have finally convinced myself it is made in max/maya. And you can tell.

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