Friday, 27 November 2009

Taylz of a diary I

I thought that the idea of keeping a diary once in a while about how we use our time during the day was a genius idea. So heres my first page.

Friday 17th November 2009

I got up at 10:25 am. After an hour of trying to wake myself up i decided to do the worse thing i could do or my OCD and take out the rubbish. 5 bags worth. After the lift failed i had to drag the bags (all of them at once) down narrow corridors, 3 flights of stairs, 2 bags decided to split, rubbish flew everywhere but i just got on with it. After a nice shower i went to the SU for an errand and went to get lunch.

At 1:00pm i open 3Ds studio max 9 to do work, just opened my file and it froze. So restarted and reopened and did work for at least 3 and a half hours. I then had my tea and watched cartoons i had on my hard drive for 2 and a half hours before leaving for Poi society at 8:30pm at Bede park. Towards the end of my time at the poi society, me and my boyfriend walked for a bit to get warm and we ended up going to the bowstring bridge that was being taken down. That wasn't a pleasant sight to be honest. Then we followed the road around and walked down the canal where i decided to go back to my flat.

The end <3

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Movie review IV

Welcome to the second year selection :D

'Sexy beast'
Gave us a few laughs especially the motormouth, jeez was he good. Gave the word 'pee freely' a whole new meaning. Not sure what to think about it on a whole but it was interesting.

Possibly the only film i can't remember that the hell happens in it. But I'm guessing it was alright.

This was a good movie. The main set at the warehouse was realllllllly good, everything happened there, complete with gangsters and a hobo. The set itself was highly detailed, almost how you would find a run down abandoned warehouse in real life. The fight to retrieve the treasure and to survive was intense.

Mike you have done it again. Just like the Mist, they were a lot of people talking afterwards, and even talk about getting it on DVD. My kind of movie with a psychopath, blood and gore. It was a good movie with a good storyline. The set was simple, the characters were brilliant and twists at every corner. It was that kind of movie where it was hard to follow until at the end when we find out that what we saw was a dream based on an actual event.

'Black Hawk down'
This seems familiar, have i seen this before? Because Mike was ill Chris took over. I was expecting a different movie but at the end of the day it was a unanimous vote since the first yrs haven't seen it and Chris wanted to show them the extras. Lol from what i saw all the 2nd yrs (and possible 3rd) got up and left.

Movie review III

Lol, this one is soooooooo overdue. I hadn't realised i didn't finish the movie review for yr 1.

Right lest get started.

'United 93'
Just taking a step back with this one even though it was in my last review but i was seriously unwell to watch it. But i did go to the library and took it out which was a big mistake. Why? It was unpleasant to watch. It was the kind of movie that upsets you and makes you think why people would do such a terrible thing. The contents were executed really well. It was long winded at times but it was setting the mood that something horrible was going to happen. At the end where the plane takes a nose dive and the viewers felt as though they were in the cockpit at the time it happened was the scariest part i think. But it shows you what the world is capable of.

'Black Hawk down'
Not much of a war fan and i try to stay clear of them. BHD was different. Not only were the CGI done really well but the fact that the set, the people and effects were amazing. It was worth to watch the movie then to watch features at the end. On a whole it was a good movie, and it just made my DVD list and that's a bloody hard thing to achieve, I'm that picky.

'Saving private Ryan'
Again another movie i missed and had to take out. On a whole it wasn't too bad but that's 3 hours I'm not getting back. I don't know what to say about this movie apart from the settings were really good and the half hour long shooting at the beginning was good.

'Local hero'
Appeared on the news a couple of days ago for reasons i can't remember. Not overly exciting but it does show how a community works and strives to save their home. And the obsession of the sky and the aurora borealis.

And that is the end of First year movies.

On to year 2!!!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Audery Kawasaki

If you haven't already heard her name you should.

I love her work, not only has it got a manga feel to it but it is also influenced by art nouveau. She workes a lot on wood panels which i find unusual but it give this brilliant effect.

In my last year of GSCE in fine art, a friend of mine did her project based on Kawasaki and her final pieces looked amazing. Unfortunatly i don't have pictures of her final pieces but they weren't far off Kawasakis work.

Heres are a few examples of Kawasakis work and her website

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Love, peace, death and a loss of your innocence.

I was watching this anime called 'Macademi Wasshoi' (Magicians academy) and there is one episode that makes your eyes burn, send shivers up your spine and guaranteed you will never look at angels or the french the same way again. Ok that was a little exaggerated but it's along them lines.

I recommend you watch it to the end past the credits. But i will warn you it is 30 mins long but it's worth it for a laugh. I seen it 5 times because its that good and even better in Japanese.

Just a little side note: The robot boy that appears at the beginning has a swans head on his head, that was from the previous episode.


Macademi Wasshoi episode 5 - youtube

(P.s: This is a 3 parter, i couldnt get the whole episode up)

(C) to Hirumamo5 for uploading the video.