Saturday, 21 November 2009

Love, peace, death and a loss of your innocence.

I was watching this anime called 'Macademi Wasshoi' (Magicians academy) and there is one episode that makes your eyes burn, send shivers up your spine and guaranteed you will never look at angels or the french the same way again. Ok that was a little exaggerated but it's along them lines.

I recommend you watch it to the end past the credits. But i will warn you it is 30 mins long but it's worth it for a laugh. I seen it 5 times because its that good and even better in Japanese.

Just a little side note: The robot boy that appears at the beginning has a swans head on his head, that was from the previous episode.


Macademi Wasshoi episode 5 - youtube

(P.s: This is a 3 parter, i couldnt get the whole episode up)

(C) to Hirumamo5 for uploading the video.

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