Friday, 27 November 2009

Taylz of a diary I

I thought that the idea of keeping a diary once in a while about how we use our time during the day was a genius idea. So heres my first page.

Friday 17th November 2009

I got up at 10:25 am. After an hour of trying to wake myself up i decided to do the worse thing i could do or my OCD and take out the rubbish. 5 bags worth. After the lift failed i had to drag the bags (all of them at once) down narrow corridors, 3 flights of stairs, 2 bags decided to split, rubbish flew everywhere but i just got on with it. After a nice shower i went to the SU for an errand and went to get lunch.

At 1:00pm i open 3Ds studio max 9 to do work, just opened my file and it froze. So restarted and reopened and did work for at least 3 and a half hours. I then had my tea and watched cartoons i had on my hard drive for 2 and a half hours before leaving for Poi society at 8:30pm at Bede park. Towards the end of my time at the poi society, me and my boyfriend walked for a bit to get warm and we ended up going to the bowstring bridge that was being taken down. That wasn't a pleasant sight to be honest. Then we followed the road around and walked down the canal where i decided to go back to my flat.

The end <3

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