Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Movie review IV

Welcome to the second year selection :D

'Sexy beast'
Gave us a few laughs especially the motormouth, jeez was he good. Gave the word 'pee freely' a whole new meaning. Not sure what to think about it on a whole but it was interesting.

Possibly the only film i can't remember that the hell happens in it. But I'm guessing it was alright.

This was a good movie. The main set at the warehouse was realllllllly good, everything happened there, complete with gangsters and a hobo. The set itself was highly detailed, almost how you would find a run down abandoned warehouse in real life. The fight to retrieve the treasure and to survive was intense.

Mike you have done it again. Just like the Mist, they were a lot of people talking afterwards, and even talk about getting it on DVD. My kind of movie with a psychopath, blood and gore. It was a good movie with a good storyline. The set was simple, the characters were brilliant and twists at every corner. It was that kind of movie where it was hard to follow until at the end when we find out that what we saw was a dream based on an actual event.

'Black Hawk down'
This seems familiar, have i seen this before? Because Mike was ill Chris took over. I was expecting a different movie but at the end of the day it was a unanimous vote since the first yrs haven't seen it and Chris wanted to show them the extras. Lol from what i saw all the 2nd yrs (and possible 3rd) got up and left.

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