Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Movie review III

Lol, this one is soooooooo overdue. I hadn't realised i didn't finish the movie review for yr 1.

Right lest get started.

'United 93'
Just taking a step back with this one even though it was in my last review but i was seriously unwell to watch it. But i did go to the library and took it out which was a big mistake. Why? It was unpleasant to watch. It was the kind of movie that upsets you and makes you think why people would do such a terrible thing. The contents were executed really well. It was long winded at times but it was setting the mood that something horrible was going to happen. At the end where the plane takes a nose dive and the viewers felt as though they were in the cockpit at the time it happened was the scariest part i think. But it shows you what the world is capable of.

'Black Hawk down'
Not much of a war fan and i try to stay clear of them. BHD was different. Not only were the CGI done really well but the fact that the set, the people and effects were amazing. It was worth to watch the movie then to watch features at the end. On a whole it was a good movie, and it just made my DVD list and that's a bloody hard thing to achieve, I'm that picky.

'Saving private Ryan'
Again another movie i missed and had to take out. On a whole it wasn't too bad but that's 3 hours I'm not getting back. I don't know what to say about this movie apart from the settings were really good and the half hour long shooting at the beginning was good.

'Local hero'
Appeared on the news a couple of days ago for reasons i can't remember. Not overly exciting but it does show how a community works and strives to save their home. And the obsession of the sky and the aurora borealis.

And that is the end of First year movies.

On to year 2!!!

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