Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Something different

Ok i am going to pull out of the negatives this time and tell you my evil plan.

I am planning on writing a fantasy novel. There is no final storyline yet because i keep changing it and adding to make it work. My aim is to make something out of this world with new and improved cliques. I'm tired of listening, reading and watching the same old thing it is becoming predictable. Theres a limit to what can be done, you can come up with amazing characters and ideas but at the end of the day it will fall into the same categories.

My story is based in another dimension. There's two sides to this world, light and dark. a groups of mixed youths and adults go on a hunt to find the villain who destroyed cities looking for something. The group soon find themselves on the run and in a race to find the thing the villain is looking for before it does. It's a journey through out the worlds in a race against time to save lives.

Thats a jist of it but it still needs work. So watch this space...

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

In other news: More Avatar...

Everyone has been saying how awesome the movie was and i began to hate it without seeing it. You should know by now that i am a tough movie critic and now I'm shredding movies apart pointing out how good the CGI is and if humans can do the same stuff as the CGI characters, which is no.

I finally go and see it in 3D cos there were no 2D screenings. Not only was i sat 3 rows from the screen but i began to get bored of the movie. Don't get me wrong it was good, the CGI was good but it wasn't quite there. I don't like long movies because i start fidgeting and wish i was else where, no matter how much i want to watch the movie.

So I've seen it so wheres the problem?

The answer is in the news.

Most watched movie. Most expensive movie. Best CGI. ECT...

Shut up! I don't care. It wasn't that amazing. And to be fair i might never want to watch it again. And stop boasting about it on the Internet! No one wants to know how to make themselves look like a Navi.

Also i was told that theres a forum on Avatar and people are saying they want to commit suicide so they can go to Pandora. What?

Oh well till the next rant on the next 'big' thing.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Are you a mass murderer?

Watch this if you are thinking about becoming one.

Youtube vid

Monday, 11 January 2010

Aimees must see movies.

I have seen a lot of movies in my life time and 70% of them disappointed me, and 5% make my DVD collection.

Movies are being repeated all the time. Its the same as another, but with a different title and characters. Which is why we are now getting ridiculous names in which some don't have anything to do with the movie.

So i am going to give you a List of movies i think are worth a watch:

Cloverfield It was like watching 'The Blair witch project' because both movies involve a person recording the events through a camera. This kept me in suspense all the way through. Although the monster attack was quite random it was the fact the actors played well in believing that it was actually happening. I now don't want to go to Manhattan in case of a monster attack.

Repo! The genetic opera It was worth the wait to see this. Not only can you laugh but you can also see Paris Hilton in her natural environment. All we need now is David Attenbrough. It is a musical, and there is gore. Death, disaster, woes and betrayal make this movie a winner. Just so you know Repo is set in the future where organ transplants are available to everyone. If you don't keep up with the payments then the founder of GeneCo who supplies the organs will send out the Repo man and he will take that organ.

Edward Scissorhands An old classic and done by Tim Burton. Whats to say about this except its brilliant. Tim Burtons movies are always good. Look out for the witchfinder general Vincent price.

Sweeny Todd Wow second TB movie, and more Johnny Depp. Love this because it is dark. And Alan Rickman is in it.

Legally Blonde Lol, as if this made my collection but after watching it a second time i bought it. Why? Because believe it or not it shows me i can do anything everyone else does. It's like I'm Elle woods doing law that she didn't want to do but managed to turn it around and become a brilliant attorney. So this is worth a watch.

Lord of the rings: two towers I hate LOTR but the second is my fave. The design, sets and characters strike me and i think its alright.

The Nightmare before Christmas Wow a record. TB #3. A Tim classic. And really does give me the willies. The clown and the young kid with his eyes sewn shut scare the hell out of me.

Jurassic Park All are brilliant, and really done well. The animatronics are really awesome and intrigue me.

Beauty and the beast Surprise, surprise, another Disney movie. And frankly my fave movie of all time. I love the moral behind it of how not to judge a person based on their looks. I am awaiting for the dvd release this year.

Law abiding citizen This is a new one for me. Something i wouldn't normally watch but after watching it with my boyfriend I'm glad i did. The crimes the guy committed were awesome, each one carefully thought out and the twist at the end was brilliant.

Thats all folks!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Welcome 2010

Wow it's been a decade already?

I think it's time to reflect what i have achieved.

2000- Started secondary school
2005- Received a blue Peter badge thought the post for a story on the 4000th episode.
2005- Sort of started college but had to study a GCSE to get more grades.
2006- Finally started first year of college.
2007- Got an award for progress in Psychology
2008- Started uni.

Wow very little happened there but my biggest achievements were the blue peter badge and getting to uni.

Where theres greatness there will be some saddness.

2001- 9/11 The destruction of the twin towers.
2002- 9/11 exactly a year later my nanna loses her battle with cancer... The day before my birthday. I was about 14.
2005?- My grandad, then a couple of months later my auntie both passed away. My aunt was about 43.
2008- The cat my sister named died after eating poison.
2009- To add to my misery i find out i have Dyslexia and semantic pragmatic. Shall i never be happy again!
2009- My dad passed away, only 49. Then MJ.

But i have lived through it and my biggest hurdle is my dad, and it's really taken its toll.

I try not to let anything get to me but to be honest i am a very emotional person when things don't go my way, whether its breaking my routine or not going my way i will get upset.

Thank you all for being there and helping me and also giving me a good time even if we just talk and i come over and bother you!