Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Something different

Ok i am going to pull out of the negatives this time and tell you my evil plan.

I am planning on writing a fantasy novel. There is no final storyline yet because i keep changing it and adding to make it work. My aim is to make something out of this world with new and improved cliques. I'm tired of listening, reading and watching the same old thing it is becoming predictable. Theres a limit to what can be done, you can come up with amazing characters and ideas but at the end of the day it will fall into the same categories.

My story is based in another dimension. There's two sides to this world, light and dark. a groups of mixed youths and adults go on a hunt to find the villain who destroyed cities looking for something. The group soon find themselves on the run and in a race to find the thing the villain is looking for before it does. It's a journey through out the worlds in a race against time to save lives.

Thats a jist of it but it still needs work. So watch this space...

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