Monday, 11 January 2010

Aimees must see movies.

I have seen a lot of movies in my life time and 70% of them disappointed me, and 5% make my DVD collection.

Movies are being repeated all the time. Its the same as another, but with a different title and characters. Which is why we are now getting ridiculous names in which some don't have anything to do with the movie.

So i am going to give you a List of movies i think are worth a watch:

Cloverfield It was like watching 'The Blair witch project' because both movies involve a person recording the events through a camera. This kept me in suspense all the way through. Although the monster attack was quite random it was the fact the actors played well in believing that it was actually happening. I now don't want to go to Manhattan in case of a monster attack.

Repo! The genetic opera It was worth the wait to see this. Not only can you laugh but you can also see Paris Hilton in her natural environment. All we need now is David Attenbrough. It is a musical, and there is gore. Death, disaster, woes and betrayal make this movie a winner. Just so you know Repo is set in the future where organ transplants are available to everyone. If you don't keep up with the payments then the founder of GeneCo who supplies the organs will send out the Repo man and he will take that organ.

Edward Scissorhands An old classic and done by Tim Burton. Whats to say about this except its brilliant. Tim Burtons movies are always good. Look out for the witchfinder general Vincent price.

Sweeny Todd Wow second TB movie, and more Johnny Depp. Love this because it is dark. And Alan Rickman is in it.

Legally Blonde Lol, as if this made my collection but after watching it a second time i bought it. Why? Because believe it or not it shows me i can do anything everyone else does. It's like I'm Elle woods doing law that she didn't want to do but managed to turn it around and become a brilliant attorney. So this is worth a watch.

Lord of the rings: two towers I hate LOTR but the second is my fave. The design, sets and characters strike me and i think its alright.

The Nightmare before Christmas Wow a record. TB #3. A Tim classic. And really does give me the willies. The clown and the young kid with his eyes sewn shut scare the hell out of me.

Jurassic Park All are brilliant, and really done well. The animatronics are really awesome and intrigue me.

Beauty and the beast Surprise, surprise, another Disney movie. And frankly my fave movie of all time. I love the moral behind it of how not to judge a person based on their looks. I am awaiting for the dvd release this year.

Law abiding citizen This is a new one for me. Something i wouldn't normally watch but after watching it with my boyfriend I'm glad i did. The crimes the guy committed were awesome, each one carefully thought out and the twist at the end was brilliant.

Thats all folks!

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