Saturday, 2 January 2010

Welcome 2010

Wow it's been a decade already?

I think it's time to reflect what i have achieved.

2000- Started secondary school
2005- Received a blue Peter badge thought the post for a story on the 4000th episode.
2005- Sort of started college but had to study a GCSE to get more grades.
2006- Finally started first year of college.
2007- Got an award for progress in Psychology
2008- Started uni.

Wow very little happened there but my biggest achievements were the blue peter badge and getting to uni.

Where theres greatness there will be some saddness.

2001- 9/11 The destruction of the twin towers.
2002- 9/11 exactly a year later my nanna loses her battle with cancer... The day before my birthday. I was about 14.
2005?- My grandad, then a couple of months later my auntie both passed away. My aunt was about 43.
2008- The cat my sister named died after eating poison.
2009- To add to my misery i find out i have Dyslexia and semantic pragmatic. Shall i never be happy again!
2009- My dad passed away, only 49. Then MJ.

But i have lived through it and my biggest hurdle is my dad, and it's really taken its toll.

I try not to let anything get to me but to be honest i am a very emotional person when things don't go my way, whether its breaking my routine or not going my way i will get upset.

Thank you all for being there and helping me and also giving me a good time even if we just talk and i come over and bother you!