Thursday, 22 January 2009

15. An introduction to the Game Industry

The gaming industry has had a bit of a rollercoaster ride. In the 80's the industry crashed because of the production of too many badly made games, this was partially Nintendo. Nowadays the industry is doing okay. Companies, especially EA are taking in smaller companies to be one big company. Because of the economic downfall and many people are made redundant, smaller companies are merging with bigger companies and only recruiting people they need to do a project and made redundant afterwards because there not needed anymore.

Games are becoming more popular especially with Xbox360 and the Nintendo wii, but there is also a downfall. Piracy. Public enemy number one to the gaming industry. One of the new products on the market now is the new Nintendo DS 'M3DS real'. What it does is that you purchase a memory card to go into the back of the game card and download DS games off the Internet. Good news for us, mega bad to the gaming industry because there loosing money for every unsold game. It pushes the costs up to buy a game in the shop to replace the millions the company has put into making the game in the first place. BUT, there is a little hope for the Xbox360 games. Because with the Xbox live, Microsoft is able to scan for any chips that has been put in the Xbox and ban that person from ever purchasing or playing the Xbox again.

[Note: All the above was information from a lovely man from Gamestation. He also gave me 2 websites where he got all the info from: Gamestm and Edge.]

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