Monday, 16 February 2009

The movie reviews II

It has been a while since i have discussed about the movies. Out of the four below i haven't been to see two of them. One i have seen many, many times before and the other i didn't want to risk being ill over everything and everyone. But once i have time i will watch it.

'War of the worlds'. Seen it many, many times. Although i am not a big fan of it, it is a good movie when i really think about it. The designs behind the tripods and the whole atmosphere if it is well rewarding.

'United 94' (me thinks). The one i hadn't seen. But i was told it was depressing.

'Collateral'. Really not my kind of movie. I didn't like it, it was boring, but the shoot outs were alright i have give them credit for that. The best part of the film was when Pitt threw an office chair through the window, jumped through and tripped over it. How stupid can you be.

'L.A. Confidential'. I like detective stuffs, but this was boring in some places. I don't like romance in movies except for horror movies because i know they'll die at some point. But other than that, some parts were verrrrrry interesting. Like the Nite owl killing, i likes how the people were dragged into the mens room and slaughtered. Jeez i sound like a psychopath.... But it beats romance any day.

The end.

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