Monday, 23 February 2009

19. Life Changing or Career Building?

In order to be good at something you have to have a passion for it. Whether it be journalism, art, literature or even drama. If you have that passion you will rise above the rest.

In game art people do amazing things. When you pick up a modern game you can see how effective the art is and imagine the time and effort that went into making that one game that you spend 3 days completing. You begin to appreciate the artwork, modelling and the intelligence behind the challenges and gameplay. Because this is what it takes to be a game artist.

Nowadays you need these qualities to have a chance at the gaming world. Dedication and hard work will make you stand out more and increase your chances of employment. But before you can think about that you need to be educated and trained into the environment. Many of the game industry workers have been trained in traditional illustration, compute programming or design courses, skills needed in the industry.

In order to know what to look out for, visit the companies websites and have a look at their skill requirements. Then compare with the university syllabus, it could be worth looking into. But having the right qualifications doesn't mean you got the job, a potential employer will be looking for the skills.

Basically if you do the research then you know what you want out of life. Time and dedication are the key to success and the right skills will give you the winning chance of landing a job.

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