Monday, 16 March 2009

22. GDC week.

I really don't know much about these conferences. And i certainly never heard of this one. It's rather intriguing to know that there is a Games development conference in the world. Just a little disappointed it's in America, like everything else. The best anime conventions, holidays, theme parks and even a Harry Potter theme park which should be in the making when it should be in England! Every one of these are in America. Too expensive and probably worth it. Don't get me wrong if i had the money i would love to go to America and even go to one of these GDC's because looking at the website it looks really interesting.

Looking at whats lined up, I'd say they are pretty interesting, and the fact that really people from major companies will be there to give a talk about different issues. They are a lot of things i do need help with and i think it would be a great opportunity to go to these lectures and see what the professionals have to say.

In the visual arts section, 'Lighting with purpose' Would be a good one, because i am really bad at where the light source is and how to apply it to a model properly to give it more depth and 3dness to it.

In the Game design section, 'The cruise director of Azeroth: Directed gameplay within World of Warcraft', luckily for Mike i wouldn't be that interested. Looking at the lecture description, it looks confusing to me.

But other than that I'm happy to see what the GDC is all about and get myself there one year. I think it'll be a great experience and the things i could take away from it will be very valuable.

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