Wednesday, 18 March 2009

24. The end of the first year.

Well what can i say? Pretty every thing has been negative in the past year. But they have been some good things as well.

The good points are that i managed to get into uni and my firm choice at that. Moving to Leicester was a hard experience by leaving my mum behind but i was prepared for that since i lived in my bedroom at home anyway. Starting Game art was a whole new experience, never knew what i was letting myself into. So far the course has been amazing. I learnt so much in one year it's unbelievable. I made a lot of new friends, I've been to amazing places and I've had a great time. Everyone has been so good to me and putting up with me for a year. I wouldn't want to change anything so far in my life, and i would love to continue next year.

I think i should talk about a couple of bad things this year as well BUT!!! I have learnt from my mistakes and i wish to amend them! Firstly Game production. I have never used 3Ds max before, and it was quite a shock when i first started. Over the past few months i was thrown into using different modifiers which haven't worked well for me, one of which is the unwrap modifier. Everything has gone wrong every time i have used it. They are still a lot of things i need to sort out with models and stuff but i am going to get help with that when i go back home. Visual design, problems with light and shade, positioning and the basic knowledge of the human figure as well as buildings and objects. Critical studies, i have always had mega problems with answering questions, can't answer straight forward ones and can't answer essays, and i failed Psychology in college because i didn't understand what is being asked and what i should include in the answer.

Hopefully that is it. But you have to remember there are more positive than negatives. I love my course and over the summer i am going to be working hard to improve greatly in all areas. Second year is going to be harder and i am willing to take it up on whatever it throws at me!

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