Sunday, 14 February 2010

Movie review V

Gee whizz it's been a good 2 months or so since i last did a review. This should be interesting.

'Enemy at the gates'
Another war movie but interesting. There was a lot of suspense and action and there were ideas to be made from it in the game sense. I had to lol at the fact the dvd kept dying and we went to the labs to finish it but everyone decided to go on call of duty and have our own 'enemy at the gates' battle.

Set under water for a change and really good. Hurray for insanity. It was almost like playing Phoenix wright and guessing who did it. As the movie went on there was suspense as a lot of things were happening and when you think you figured out who did it, they were dead. It was good to watch.

'The jacket'
This was one of those 'WTF' movies. It was full of strangeness, hallucinations and even time travel. It felt depressing and a little weird to follow.

'12 monkeys'
There seems to be a theme going on here... I think mike is trying to tell us this is where were heading if we don't leave now. Again interesting, and i found it a little awkward to follow.

Now this is more like it. A good movie and no giant lizard in sight. We watched the directors cut version and i thought it was good. The lass was a peach and really made the movie more entertaining.

'Monty python and the holy grail'
...What? Of all the movies shown, this one was the most queer. The only other Monty python movie I've seen and it seemed to have gone on for ages. But i have to admit that it was good on some parts. The ending was a massive downer.

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