Thursday, 16 October 2008

2.History of computer games P2

Come the 1980's, gaming took to a whole new level. From the Cathode ray tube to an actual computer where people cam come together using a phone line to connect and play against each other in a multi-player system which then lead off to bigger games where more people could joining in, this was known as MMORPG (massively multi player online role-playing game).

Soon after, a company called Nintendo started making a handheld games console. These became really popular and encouraged other companies to follow.

Unfortunately in 1983 there was a crash in the video gaming industry as well as bankruptcy in companies in North America that supplied computers and video games. This was because of a poorly conceived games such as E.T and Pac-man. So many unsold games were buried in a landfill.

Come the 3rd generation, development in the handheld exploded again as the gaming companies made plug in consoles for the T.V. One of the first to be made was the Famicon, and 8-bit console from Nintendo. And one of the first game to be manufactured along side it was the popular super Mario bros. This then brought on the ever popular Final fantasy series that took the world by storm, and still remain popular today.

Since the beginning, games have changed and evolved like the consoles they are played in. Over the first two decades, games and consoles excelled at a fast pace and became a well known source of entertainment.


As my gaming years went on, i moved from the Nintendo 64 to the Amiga. I still wasn't as confident playing on the Amiga but later on in the years in my teens, i did go that one step further and challenged myself to try and get further on a game called 'Mr. Nutz'. I did just that and felt a great sense of an achievement.

I played games on and off during that time, then 10 years later i wasn't introduced to Final Fantasy VIII from a friend. Since then i began to collect a few other final fantasy games and other games that i thought i would be good at. Whilst some still remain unplayed and not completed i have had great enjoyment from the experience.

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