Wednesday, 22 October 2008

3.A history of computer games Pt3

Since the beginning of compter games, they have been a few faults. But since then the price of produing a game has gone up and the quality is much better making the gaming experience more enjoyable. In 2004 came a revolution when Halo 2 made a debut appearence and sold over 8 million copies. It hade better graphics, better game play, took over three years to complete and $40 million to create.

In the past few years, the cost of developing a high profile game risen due to the demand of the many consoles we have today. Some require better quality than others. In 1982 is was harder to fund the games because no one had $20 million in their pocket. Where as now companies have the money and the budgets begin to spiral. For one game 'Origin', wasn't able to raise enough money to fund the project and so the gaming company EA took them down.

Nowadays gaming companies are creating sequels to the best selling games such as Halo and Final fantasy VII. And they has been a large increase in the amount of ideas from movie, comics and tv shows which then are made into games and these are becoming increasingly popula.


What i expect from games in the future are more like add-ons and virtual reality. A few months ago i played on World of warcraft, a ten day trail, and i thought it was the next best thing. I understand that they have add-ons from that but i i would like to see new features, armor, dungoens, quests, increase in the limited levels etc, updated about once a month to make the players more interested in the game.

I am really interested in playing a virtual reality game. I have a manga called 'id_entity' and the story is about this virtual reality game called 'Lost saga'. The game has everything a person could need with updates every so oftern, tournaments, easter eggs and a great character personality because the characters are IN the game. This is the kind of game i would love to play, and although its a MMORPG you get to meet and really interact with other people as thopugh they were in front of you.

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