Sunday, 7 December 2008

10. The elements of game design: Story and character

Characters that we come across in everyday life in books, TV, films and games, all ave a significant role just like we do. These characters whether main, sub or background characters all help to make a story come to life. The way how i see it, a strong character brings a strong story. But I'm very picky with what i want to watch and whether i would like it or not, mainly because of the story and the characters. For example: Harry Potter films and books; the books go on forever and start to become repetitive and nothing much happens, and in the films the acting is crap and the story is worse because they can't fit a whole book in 3 hours.

To make a good character, i think you need to give the character a good history, good profile, and a good character design, without these the story is going to fall to pieces. One thing i do find had when creating characters is that i can't design the character how i want them to be and also give them a history and profile to match. Most of my characters don't make sense.

When creating characters, if you have made a great script then you have a great story. And for a great story to happen you need great characters to go with it. Acting and appearance is important because they are what make the character come alive. Acting gives the character a personality and appearance makes us see if this person is the good guy or the bad guy. Without them or a lack of one or the other, then the characters will be lame.

I wouldn't say that I'd find something 'irresistible', that word doesn't exist in the world of TV, books and films simply because everything is pants and repeating the same idea but using different characters. I like to watch Harry hills TV burp because it makes me laugh and he takes the mick out of all the shows i hate. And although i don't find comedians funny, Harry hill is there for me on the Saturday nights for TV entertainment. Also Heroes is another show i like to watch, again not my cup of tea, but it has improved since season 1. Would love to watch season 3 because everyone keeps saying how epic it is but I'm not around on Wednesdays to watch it and I'm not staying up on Sunday nights because i like to sleep.

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