Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Me and games.

I've never really liked playing on games because i was always afraid that i would lose. That's apart of life. You learn from your mistakes and make amends. But for me i am a perfectionist and it has to be done right the first time.

One of the first computer games i can remember playing is the Super Mario brothers on the Nintendo 64. I could only play on the first world on the first 2-3 levels because i was afraid that i was going to lose if i went further as the levels got harder. I feel ashamed about it. It's like in real life that I'm afraid of dying, I'm afraid of dying in games. Stupid i know.

As i got older i have been more involved with games. Although as reluctant as i am, i try to get games that are turn based. I managed to buy a few Final fantasy games and completed 2/4 strategy and 1 turn based. From Final fantasy VII to Final fantasy X-2 guess which was the easiest for me. I enjoyed the final fantasy games but strategy games are still a little hard for me. I'm such a wuss.

Since finding out that i was more into turn based, i have enjoyed playing some of the Koei games such as Disgaea, Makai kingdom and Phantom brave although they have been very long winded to level up, but the storyline is good and i love the art.

I don't play on games as much as i would like, either i can't find the time, too tired that i can't concentrate, have better things to do and think that games are just a waste of time.

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