Friday, 26 December 2008

First term at a glance

Where to begin?

I guess it's back to the 20th of September, the move in weekend. It was the first time in my life i have moved so far away from my home town Middlesbrough, in fact its the first time i've moved. It was strange at first. but after unpacking half of my original bedroom in to my new one at Liberty park, i felt right at home.

Freashers week wasn't all that great but at least i had time to spend exploring the town and getting use to being away from home. I made a lot of new friends in that week as well, as well as joining two societies: Anime, and the rocksoc (short for rock society).

Then came the first of many weeks of uni life. I got to know people in my class, and saw the sheer size of the class. I'm not keen on being in a large class because i feel insecure. I got to know my tutors which was a little strange since i've never really been involved with my teachers in college.

Classes have been hard, especially with game production.. I have never used 3D max before and i'm still struggling to understand half of the commands and other stuff to prepare the objects for analysis. Since we didnt have the computers at the beginning we didnt have time to go through the tutorials again and i was doing projects that i had no idea how to go about, but i tried my best and even asked my friends how they did certain things and i am going to try them out. Visual design should be easy but the lack of B pencils got me into trouble. Critical studies is a great excuse to relax and watch movies, especially when i have an hour lecture on the morning, a three hour lunch, two hour lecture/ movie in the afternoon, two hour tea and me time, then out at 5:30pm to my two clubs and i dont get back till 11 or after midnight.

3 months later and i'm enjoying uni life, missing everyone at home and low on cash. I really need a job badly so i can eat and have a home for next year. I love Leicester, i like uni, i have loads of friends and i'm living my life like i've never done before.

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