Tuesday, 26 January 2010

In other news: More Avatar...

Everyone has been saying how awesome the movie was and i began to hate it without seeing it. You should know by now that i am a tough movie critic and now I'm shredding movies apart pointing out how good the CGI is and if humans can do the same stuff as the CGI characters, which is no.

I finally go and see it in 3D cos there were no 2D screenings. Not only was i sat 3 rows from the screen but i began to get bored of the movie. Don't get me wrong it was good, the CGI was good but it wasn't quite there. I don't like long movies because i start fidgeting and wish i was else where, no matter how much i want to watch the movie.

So I've seen it so wheres the problem?

The answer is in the news.

Most watched movie. Most expensive movie. Best CGI. ECT...

Shut up! I don't care. It wasn't that amazing. And to be fair i might never want to watch it again. And stop boasting about it on the Internet! No one wants to know how to make themselves look like a Navi.

Also i was told that theres a forum on Avatar and people are saying they want to commit suicide so they can go to Pandora. What?

Oh well till the next rant on the next 'big' thing.

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